No mat­ter if it is a key visu­al for an adver­ti­sing cam­pai­gn, an info­gra­phic for a pre­sen­ta­ti­on, or an illus­tra­ti­on ani­ma­ted as a video: Illus­tra­ti­ons are uni­que, simp­le to under­stand, and they stay in mind. Rocket crea­tes high-qua­li­ty illus­tra­ti­ons in all shapes and makes sure to com­mu­ni­ca­te your mes­sa­ge in a clear and unam­bi­guous way.

Com­plex issu­es are best exp­lai­ned with drawings, gra­phics, and illus­tra­ti­ons. A cam­pai­gn, which is illus­tra­ted in a crea­ti­ve way, con­tains a uni­que and catchy cha­rac­ter. Plus, it crea­tes a stark con­trast to other most­ly text- and image-loa­ded cam­pai­gns from others.

Rocket Illustration Pierrot Zoo
Rocket Illustration Pierrot Kino
Rocket Illustration Feuerwehr
Illustration Feuerwehr 2
Rocket Illustration Bier
Illustration Bier 2
Rocket Illustration Savoy Paradeplatz
Rocket Illustration Savoy Terrasse
Illustration GVB

Our offers in illus­tra­ti­ons:

  • Illus­tra­ti­ons
  • Info­gra­phics
  • Medi­cal illus­tra­ti­ons
  • Car­toons und comics
  • White­board ani­ma­ti­ons
Illustration Schongiland
Rocket Illustration Banane
Illustration Zange
Illustration B. Braun
Illustration B. Braun

«We appre­cia­te the high com­pe­tence and relia­bi­li­ty of Beat Nig­gli and his team.»

Yvon­ne Hei­der Crea­ti­ve Direc­tor, B. Braun Medi­cal AG

Rocket Illustration Birthday
Rocket Illustration Rittal
Illustration Rittal
Rocket Illustration Saphir SGV

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