Fre­quent­ly and hard­ly ever asked Ques­ti­ons

Have you ever won­de­red how an Ad Agen­cy works? Or do you want to be part of the Rocket Crew? Find out how here.

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Why is the­re a rocket in your logo?

A rocket tra­vels fast and pre­cise­ly into outer space. Come aboard.

Is Rocket real­ly working on a boat?

During sum­mer 2016, we real­ly worked on a boat, which crui­sed bet­ween Flüe­len and Lucer­ne on the Lace Lucer­ne. Howe­ver, we are back ashore. You will find more infor­ma­ti­on about this spe­cial pro­ject on rocketboat.ch.

I would like to work with Rocket. What do I have to do?

Are you the 21st cen­tu­ries’ Don Dra­per or Peg­gy Olson? If so, app­ly imme­dia­te­ly!

Rumour has it that Rocket does not accept every pro­ject.

True! If  there’s no che­mi­stry or our expe­ri­ence doesn’t match a pro­ject, then we might have to refu­se it. For­tu­n­a­te­ly, this rare­ly hap­pens. We main­tain con­tact with a vast array of our long­stan­ding custo­mers.

How much is the crea­ti­on of a new logo?

How much is a train ticket? Or a bot­t­le of wine? To ans­wer this ques­ti­on, a few more detail­ed infor­ma­ti­on is requi­red. A call is enough, we will then crea­te your per­so­nal offer: +41 41 500 10 10.

Is it true that adver­ti­sing is expen­si­ve?

Not at Rocket. Our work is fast and pre­ci­se. A bud­get well spent can be worth it a hund­red times. We alrea­dy had a few custo­mers who could bare­ly hand­le their suc­cess after some weeks.

What does an ad agen­cy do?

Good ques­ti­on. Thank God that we came up with a short film covering this sub­ject.

Can I absol­ve a trai­ning day at Rocket?

Of cour­se! We orga­ni­ze a trai­ning day every year. See if the­re are some free spaces for the next event.