News­let­ter: from con­cept to suc­cess manage­ment

News­let­ter: from con­cept to suc­cess manage­ment

A news­let­ter is a power­ful and low-cost online mar­ke­ting tool, which can be used for both inter­nal and exter­nal busi­ness affairs.

If you are pur­suing spe­ci­fic aims and have both stra­te­gi­cal and con­cep­tio­nal ques­ti­ons sor­ted, then you will be suc­cess­ful. We advi­se you to keep the fol­lo­wing five steps in mind:


1. Con­cept: Mai­ling-stra­te­gy and selec­tion of a news­let­ter solu­ti­on

In a first step, you must defi­ne the mar­ke­ting aims that the news­let­ter-pro­ject should ful­fil. Does your news­let­ter intend to increa­se sales, or is it used for adver­ti­sing, or are you using it for inter­nal mar­ke­ting stra­te­gies? To defi­ne your aims, you should app­ly the SMART-rule (aims ought to be pre­ci­se, mea­sura­ble, reach­a­ble, rele­vant, and con­tem­pora­ry). If app­lied, you can mea­su­re and ana­ly­se the results.

Ope­ra­tio­nal ques­ti­ons need to be ans­we­red as well: How often do you want the news­let­ter to appe­ar? Who takes care of the con­tent and mai­ling? Do you need exter­nal help from an expe­ri­en­ced ad agen­cy?

Moreo­ver, you have to pick one of the many news­let­ter-solu­ti­ons. We crea­te our Rocket-News­let­ter with the easy to hand­le, free, and popu­lar online soft­ware “Mail­Chimp”. Howe­ver, the­re are many others to pick.

Ask yours­elf: Whom and what you want to reach with your news­let­ter?

2. Design: Crea­te your tem­pla­te

In a next step, you have to design your news­let­ter. Your news­let­ter should be both appe­aling and cor­po­ra­te-design-com­pli­ant. Do not for­get to keep in mind your con­cept and con­tents. If in doubt, fol­low the rule “design fol­lows func­tion” in online mar­ke­ting.

The gra­phic gui­de­li­nes (the screen design) will be used as a tem­pla­te. Flaw­less pro­gramming of the tem­pla­te is of utmost impor­t­an­ce, this work can take up 0.5 – 2 days, depen­ding on the tem­pla­tes com­ple­xi­ty.

Ask yours­elf: Is the tem­pla­te pro­gram­med wit­hout fault and desi­gned accord­ing to the cor­po­ra­te design gui­de­li­nes.

3. Con­tents: The right text for the right audi­ence

Next, the con­tent needs to be writ­ten. Make sure to use dif­fe­rent sub­jec­ts that suit your tar­get group, images that under­line the con­tent, and wri­te short but pre­ci­se texts. Do not just sta­te fac­ts, invi­te the reader to par­ti­ci­pa­te and inclu­de call-to-actions: place oppor­tu­nities for orde­ring goods, offer down­load oppor­tu­nities or ask the reader to make a reser­va­ti­on by inclu­ding your pho­ne num­ber.

In the case of tar­ge­ting dif­fe­rent groups it makes sen­se to use more than one news­let­ter. Some­ti­mes it is enough to just exchan­ge cer­tain sub­jec­ts. Have a look at news­let­ters sent by book stores: They do not send one news­let­ter, they send several ones accord­ing to their custo­mers likes, such as a news­let­ter about fan­ta­sy, novels, tra­vel gui­des, et cete­ra. Sub­ca­te­go­ries or a com­bi­na­ti­on of sub­jec­ts are pos­si­ble as well.

Ask yours­elf: Are the con­tents aimed at the right tar­get group? Do they inclu­de call-to-actions? Is the news­let­ter infor­ma­ti­ve, rele­vant, and inte­res­ting?

4. Mai­ling: Opt-in ver­si­on and mai­ling list

Crea­te or import a list of email reci­pi­ents for your news­let­ter-mai­ling. Make sure that you do not anger poten­ti­al custo­mers with unwan­ted emails. Even if you con­si­der cer­tain con­tents to be rele­vant, custo­mers might regard it as spam. The­re­fo­re, only inte­rested custo­mers, who app­lied for a news­let­ter, should be put on the mai­ling list.

Now you are almost done! But befo­re you press the but­ton “send news­let­ter to 500 reci­pi­ents”, a test run is necessa­ry. Sim­ply send the news­let­ter to yours­elf and to col­leagues. Cor­rect pos­si­ble spel­ling mista­kes and make sure that all the links inclu­ded work!

Ask yours­elf: Does the news­let­ter appe­ar cor­rec­t­ly in your test run email?

5. Effi­ci­en­cy review

After sen­ding the news­let­ter to all your reci­pi­ents, the exci­ting part fol­lows: Mea­su­re the suc­cess of your cam­pai­gn! How many peop­le ope­ned the news­let­ter? Which arti­cles were read the most? Were you suc­cess­ful in reaching cer­tain con­ver­si­ons (such as orde­ring of goods)?

Due to the pre­ci­se effi­ci­en­cy review you can mea­su­re the mar­ke­ting-ROI.

Ask yours­elf: Did you reach your aims? What should be impro­ved next time?

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